Cleaning Tips For Keeping Your Upholstery New

Our upholstery takes a heck of a beating from every day wear and tear so much so if you live in a dusty environment like we do. Packets of dust can build up and can be harmful to your lungs. That’s not all, your dining room furniture may in one way or another got spilled on by a drink or two or three.

Take note that this tips are for fabric upholstery

Whether we like it or not we have to clean them regularly or it becomes a source of various respiratory ailments, especially if you’re like me, have a toddler running around and likes burying his face on the sofa.

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your upholstery clean and looking new for years to come. It’ll also save you from costly repair bills or from outright replacing them if they’re too worn.

First things first…

Before applying any cleaning agent make sure to thoroughly vacuum to remove any dust and dirt build up. This removes any contaminants, pet hair and dirt that might be present on fabric. This gives you a clean surface for the cleaning agent to work on.

Any handheld vacuum, wired or wireless will do as long as it has a brush or a motorized attachment that’ll help pick up dust and other debris.
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